Wednesday, May 2, 2018

I See Sun!

Hopefully we are heading into the warmer weather (which I have been waiting for)! I just want to post the reminders for the increased outdoor time, including PE, here at PPS.

    • If you want to apply at home and have it reapplied at school, please send sunblock and a note.
    • Often teachers or aides will apply it for students.
    • If you want me to apply it, your child needs to remember to come to me. It gets so busy around recesses, that I don't have time to call a large number of children down.
    • If your child can apply their own sunblock, please remind them not to share it, as not all parents want it applied.
    • I do have a bottle of sunblock in my office. If you forget to apply or send it, you can call me and I will apply mine to your child.
    • I do not have insect repellent in my office.
    • You need to bring the repellent in with a note if you want it applied at school.
    • As with sunblock, I will apply it if your child comes to me before going outside.
    • Please do not send this in your child's back pack. The chemicals in insect repellent are very strong and should not be carried on the bus.
    • I push hydration all the time, but it is especially important when the children are playing hard in the heat.
    • We have places to refill water bottles throughout the school, even a filtered filling station in the cafeteria
    • In this heat many students come in flipflops or sandals. Through the years, I have seen many injuries from tripping or breaking that type of shoe, especially the flipflops.
    • I strongly encourage students to have a good pair of sneakers that they can change into for PE and/or recess. It is much safer for all the running games.

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